Monday, 7 February 2011

Deep fried breadsticks

These yóutiáo (油条) or deep fried breadsticks, were on the bakery table at the local supermarket. Normally these sticks are a light appealing golden colour, and have the texture of pastry - that is if I have not confused two similar products. The Jiānbing (煎饼) vendors that make the pancake sandwich versions sometimes have them and use them in place of the crispy wafers, as filling. Anyway, these were heavy and dark in colour. I expect it was because they were low quality, as most of their in-house cooked goods seem to be. The impression I get is that they tend to use their left over meats and vegetables and in general other low quality ingredients to make them.

2011-01-27 - Supermarket snack - You tiao - 01 - Bag

Quarter of a kilogram for these two sticks, there's a lot of grease here. The first character yóu (油) unsurprisingly means oily :-)

2011-01-27 - Supermarket snack - You tiao - 02 - Bag weight

Inside, they look bready. Maybe these are different from the lighter sticks that I have had in the past.

2011-01-27 - Supermarket snack - You tiao - 03 - Stick innards

Too salty and too greasy. I need to stay away from their in-house cooked goods table.

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