Thursday, 24 February 2011

Peeled roast chestnuts

Another "corner store" find, chestnuts are supposed to be relatively healthy, unless that's just me not remembering anything detrimental about them healthwise. And because these do not contain any additional ingredients they shouldn't be too bad.

2011-02-06 - Golden Tang - Peeled Roasted Chestnut - 01- Packet

Looking like the corpses of chestnuts that were once alive and enjoying the sunshine, I had second thoughts about eating them.

2011-02-06 - Golden Tang - Peeled Roasted Chestnut - 02- Packet contents

They didn't have the best texture, but the flavour wasn't unpleasant. And since I haven't any reason to think they're not healthy, I'd should definitely keep these on the "worth buying" list. They cost around 5 RMB.

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  1. I know those...

    Everytime I leave china, I buy like 10 of those at the airport :)