Saturday, 26 February 2011

Crab flavoured Pringles

I used to like potato chips. There used to be flavours which were satisfying to eat. These days when I buy potato chips, I wonder if whomever makes them actually tastes the crap they are making. Whatever happened to salt and vinegar as a flavour?

Feeling like potato chips one day, I decided to try something that looked like it was aimed at the local palate.. but not a batshit crazy flavour like cucumber.

So, crab flavoured Pringles.

2011-01-16 - Supermarket snack - Crab pringles - 01 - Container

They look just the same as any other pressed recycled potato-esque flavoured wafers in a can.

2011-01-16 - Supermarket snack - Crab pringles - 02 - Chips

The barest hint of flavour, with the barest resemblance to crab. Seriously, there's probably so much commercial technique, chemicals and undesirable additives gone into making these travesties.. why can't they add different kinds of chemicals to pack them full of flavour approximations to actually make them worthwhile to eat? I'm choosing to give up a year of my life eating these unnatural wafers, it's not like I don't know I am paying a price for it already and aren't willing to consume more chemicals, heavy metals or whatever else goes into them.

Do not eat again.

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