Monday, 28 February 2011

Supermarket potstickers

I was sitting in one restaurant or another and I was translating the menu. One item on it was these crispy dumplings, and it turns out the literal translation is "pot sticker". So being in the supermarket at their low quality in-house cooked goods table (do I even learn anything from these posts?), I noticed they had these potstickers. I could have sworn the label said beef meat, but now looking at the characters I can't see it. Looking as pallid as anything on that table, it looked like they had made an effort with the insect-looking-like black seeds, so for lack of anything actually appealing to buy I bought these.

2011-02-03 - China - Potstickers - 01 - Trays

They're not particularly flavourful, so I had to dress them up with Lee-kum-kee garlic chilli sauce..

2011-02-03 - China - Potstickers - 02 - Cooked

Do not buy again.

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