Sunday, 27 February 2011

Paris Baguette snack selection #2

Was out and about near the Changshu subway stop, and needed to grab something to eat. Browsing the racks at Paris Baguette I ended up with the following.

My actual lunch, bacon egg sandwiches. I try and avoid eating bread, but since this is pretty much the healthiest thing Paris Baguette sell, decided to go for it.

2011-02-18 - Paris Baguette - 01 - Bacon egg sandwiches

A closer look.. The sandwich was actually pretty tasty, and well-balanced in terms of flavour, and I'd consider buying them again.

2011-02-18 - Paris Baguette - 02 - Bacon egg sandwich

This was okay. Not too greasy, some flavour, but nothing special. Should avoid buying again.

2011-02-18 - Paris Baguette - 05 - Vegetable cheese pannini

This was not bad. Would go nicely with a cup of tea, and it did :-) Buy again.

2011-02-18 - Paris Baguette - 03 - Raisin bread

My last experience with their twist doughnuts was demoralising. Greasy, flavourless and overly crispy. This however, was soft, tasty and just like I would expect a doughnut to be. Buy again, but poke with the tongs before choosing :-)

2011-02-18 - Paris Baguette - 04 - Twist doughnut

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