Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hong Kong - Miscellaneous pictures

One of the things I liked about this part of Hong Kong, were the pedestrian overpasses that you could take to get around. It beats waiting at traffic light pedestrian crossings, and makes for a more enjoyable tourist experience.

2011-02-25 - Hong Kong - Miscellaneia - 01 - Pedestrian overpass

Near the ferry terminal, the main pedestrian overpass that goes right into this part of Hong Kong has this construction going on underneath it. What's going on? A new metro line? Some huge building? Beats me.

2011-02-25 - Hong Kong - Miscellaneia - 02 - Waterside construction

Further up the hill, there's a park. And I took a photo of it. Which I'm posting here. There's plenty of parks in Hong Kong, which is quite nice if you want to sit down and have a rest.

2011-02-26 - Hong Kong - Miscellaneia - 03 - Some park

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