Monday, 4 April 2011

Hong Kong - Visa Trip

In order to get a working visa, I had to leave China and get it in another country. Hong Kong is the closest most convenient place, so it's where everyone goes. Airplane food on the way over.

2011-02-25 - China Eastern - 01 - Airline food

My hotel was the Ramada on the right. Pay per view porn channel pamphlets on the table beside the bed, pay per view porn advertisements on the television when I turned it on. Definitely a bit different from China, where that shit does not fly. The restaurant in the center offered homestyle heavy carb-laden meals.

2011-02-28 - Some cafe - 03 - Storefront

A closer look.

2011-02-28 - Some cafe - 02 - Storefront

Bought a meal there. Unfortunately, most of their meals seemed rather stodgy, but the value was pretty good for Hong Kong.

2011-02-25 - Some cafe - 04 - Some meal

Their coffee. This came free with the meal. Too bad it had milk in it, why do people do that to their coffee? What do I care, I don't drink coffee anymore anyway.

2011-02-25 - Some cafe - 01 - Coffee

Free wireless internet in Hong Kong was hard to find, Macdonalds was the easiest place to find it. Decided to get breakfast there one day.

2011-02-26 - McDonalds - 01 - Hotcakes breakfast

How can a business sell slop that looks like this?

2011-02-26 - McDonalds - 02 - Hotcakes breakfast

Thankfully, I found another cafe underneath Macdonalds which had better coffee and unlimited free wireless, not the half hour affair they had at McD's.

2011-02-26 - Another cafe - 01 - Coffee

Decided to splurge out and try the apple pie. Tasted mostly like nutmeg or cinnamon. Not very appealing.

2011-02-26 - Another cafe - 02 - Apple pie

Went back for breakfast another day. The eggs were still raw on top, with raw whites.. ewww. And the rest was a token endeavour, got about six beans.

2011-02-27 - Another cafe - 03 - Breakfast

A shot of the visa office. I waited a bit before I went in. It was a pretty painless affair.

2011-02-28 - Hong Kong - 01 - Visa Office

Can't wait till next year, although I think I will go to Outback Steakhouse everyday, not just once..

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