Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sims bakery: Tea buns

For a long time, the best bakery in Ashburton was Sims bakery over the bridge in Tinwald. They had a wide variety of appealing food, including cheese steps (white thickly sliced loaves with a tasty melted cheese topping), cheese buns (serving-sized buns also coated with tasty melted cheese) and tea buns which I am showing here. Unfortunately, very few of their remaining products stand out as anything special anymore.

Like chelsea buns, tea buns are a glazed bun with icing on top. They don't particularly taste of anything, but as a diabetic after dinner treat with some extra fattening butter spread within them, they still do the trick.

The remains of a packet of tea buns:

2009-07-31 - Sims bakery - 05 - Tea buns

One of the buns isolated from the herd:

2009-07-31 - Sims bakery - 06 - Tea bun

I can't say I would go out of my way to get to Sims for my junk food anymore, although I would still head there for bakery-style loaves of bread.

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