Saturday, 14 August 2010

Brasa Chicken Jing'an

Going by the expat forums I read, Brasa Chicken is a fairly popular food outlet. They've just opened a branch further down the street I live on.

2010-08-14 - Shanghai - Brasa Chicken - 01 - Storefront

I was walking back from a store I needed to pick something up at, and it was lunchtime, so I found myself walking in. Apart from the staff and a Sherpas employee, the place was empty. Sherpas is a food delivery service, which charge you 15 RMB and pick up a food order for you and deliver it cash on delivery. I imagine Brasas do a lot of their business through them. In any case, I sat down at a table and ordered a half combo which is half a chicken, two sauces, a side (garlic fries in my case) and a drink (a can of coke zero) for 68 RMB which is about 15 NZD.

2010-08-14 - Shanghai - Brasa Chicken - 02 - Half combo

The photo does not show how much food there actually was. The two sauces on the left were the ones that came with the chicken, with the green one I guess to be a mint and mayonnaise. The red one, well it tasted familiar and was pleasant enough. Otherwise, on the left are tomato sauce and a weak mayonnaise. When you have mayo, tomato sauce and fries.. then clearly you need to mix the first two and make cocktail sauce to have with the third. The left quarter chicken was nice and moist, and the right quarter chicken was a little dry. But overall, it was a very enjoyable meal in a clean and sharp looking restaurant.

On the downside, the staff sat down at a table behind me and talked and shouted away. They should have a place out back they can loiter so their lolling about doesn't get in the way of customers. And before that, while preparing the food, I could hear someone coughing up phlegm. Even during the meal, I occasionally heard the same. However, I would not hesitate to go back if I wanted a healthy filling meal.

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