Friday, 13 August 2010

Mr Pancake House

Behind my hotel on Wuding Lu, there are two reasonably cheap places to eat, and both deliver within a radius that my hotel falls within for free. One is Munchies, and the other is Mr Pancake House. On Wednesday evening I was recovering from a cold, so in a haze I stumbled out to eat there.

The waitress rushed to the door and opened it for me, and I entered to see there was one white other couple in the restaurant. The other day when I went in to grab a menu so I could order something to be delivered whenever a suitable occasion arose, there was also only one white couple present. But that's not important. What is, is that there were at least five staff members present to do whatever it was they do which includes making and serving me food.

I had gone in to order the spanish omelette, which comes with three pancakes and a variety of other bits and pieces. All for 30 something RMB. But hearing the special of a second burger for an extra 10 RMB, gluttony compelled me to order two burgers.

A BBQ bacon burger.

2010-08-11 - Mr Pancake - 01 - BBQ bacon burger

And a normal burger.

2010-08-11 - Mr Pancake - 02 - Normal burger

Seeing the two plates arrive made me realise I had ordered too much. But anyway, I gave it a shot.

The normal burger was tasty but greasy, it was like they put a whole lot of butter on the bun, or deep fried the meat patty. Something was too greasy about it. But as a burger, it had a lot more flavour than those that Munchies sell. The chips however were completely tasteless. No wait, that's unfair. They left a suggestion of soap in my mouth.

Looking a the BBQ burger, I wondered where the advertised barbeque sauce was. But no fear, I found an amount the size of the smallest coin in your pocket glueing the bacon to the meat patty. It didn't taste much different than the normal burger.

I plan to go back and actually have the spanish omelette. Or to get it delivered. At least I hope it won't come with chips.

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