Saturday, 14 August 2010

Marks and Spencer junk food

I felt a craving for cheesecake, so I ended up at the food department of Marks and Spencer. They have a wide selection of their custom junk food brands, which are okay, but nothing special. This is what I ended up with..

2010-08-14 - Shanghai - Marks and Spencer - 01 - Chips, biscuits and cheesecake

The chips are pretty greasy and flavourless -- I am tempted to throw out . The dark chocolate jaffa cakes are a pale immitation of the other versions. And the cheesecake, I have yet to eat. It is interesting that often purchasing things in stores in Shanghai involves the attendent faffing around laboriously packing a few simple items into a fancy bag. In the meantime people are queueing and waiting.

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