Thursday, 12 August 2010

Goblin Camp

People rave about Dwarf Fortress, and it all sounds well and good, but I just don't have the time to learn to decipher the arcane interface that immersion into it is given through. However, a new open source project called Goblin Camp has started up that aims to make a similar game.

Given that something like this is a world simulation of sorts, I wonder whether harnessing it to run a MUD world within, is possible or worthwhile.

Screenshot taken from this forum thread.


  1. I think it's AssaultMUD that has a similar interface, though the premise is more of a RTS/RTT game than the sim game of Goblin Camp or Dwarf Fortress.

    If someone were to do something like this it might be more worthwhile to make the interface as a client/protocol plugin rather than using straight character mode, though that does limit your accessibility.

  2. Hi George,

    To be clear, I was meaning a normal text-based interface to a MUD game framework, which harnessed the core (non-UI related) world simulation of Goblin Camp.