Friday, 13 August 2010

Kangding street vendor "pancakes"

I get most of my urges to try food I see here, because I have seen it at work. One of the things they have in the morning are what they told me were called "pancakes." These seem to be some savoury egg/flour-based concoction. Now, I've tried them from several places, but they aren't always as nice as the ones at work. The Ayi at work who buys them told me she gets them from the closest street vendor to where I live, so I grabbed some on my way back from buying my organic veggies.

2010-08-13 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 01 - Pancake

They seem to be a kind of omelette, maybe made out of flour and egg, with spring onion mixed in, and sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Whatever you buy from a street vendor, they seem to wrap in a plastic bag. It's different than back home where they would give you a paper bag because it was less likely that the hot food would get soggy. But anyway. I had a third more than what was in that bag, and it cost me 4 RMB which is around 0.9 NZD.

2010-08-13 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 02 - Pancake

This was way too much for me. It was very filling. But extremely tasty. They have a variant which is made with chilli oil, but that seems a little greasy and is probably best eaten in even greater moderation - or with the cheap beers you can buy at the corner store next door to it!

Edit: A few hours later, and I feel nauseous. Definitely best to eat this in moderation. Maybe they use recycled oil..

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