Tuesday, 16 August 2011

AJAX Mud Forums

Link: forums.ajaxmud.net

Searching for new blogs to add to Planet MUD-Dev, I stumbled across this forum site I hadn't seen before or perhaps looked at in detail if I had. I'll go over and briefly summarise interesting posts.

  1. HTTP Streaming testing results: A good and straightforward overview of AJAX approaches, with notes detailing experimentation by the poster.
  2. Socket.IO NodeJS library: Brings up socket.io which is a library which implements AJAX approaches, the fallback approach using Flash and web socket support.
  3. jsMUD - the NodeJS MUD Engine: Notes on an effort to write a node.js MUD engine, which resulted in a few magazine articles.
That's pretty much it. The forums are pretty bare and only really go into detail on specialised subjects. Again, the best place to discuss these topics is within the major MUD forums.

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