Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Planet MUD-Dev Update

Did another trawl of the search engines (Bing, Duck Duck Go and Google) for "text mud development blog" and added the resulting links to Planet Mud-Dev.

Ilyrias MUD:

Last activity: September 2006.
Summary: Most likely a dead blog for a failed commercial MUD. Very few posts, one of which is on NPC behaviour and scripting.

Sea of Souls:
Last activity: December 2009.
Summary: Most likely a dead blog, but the MUD behind it is still live. A Wheel of Time themed Smaug. Tens of posts tagged with development.

If you know the URL of a MUD or MUD developer that has interesting development related posts and isn't already present here, let me know. Similarly, if you think a blog on this feed should be removed, also let me know. Post in the comments for either of these, or any other thoughts.


  1. Thanks, Richard. This feed has some good, quality content and is a lot more easy than the alternative.

  2. Ilyrias is dead, yes. The Baram referenced in that post has moved on to Iron Realms. He was Hajamin in Lusternia, and is now Kunin, currently developing Tears of Polaris.