Tuesday, 16 August 2011

stackoverflow / gamedev.stackexchange

Searching for new blogs to add to Planet MUD-Dev, I stumbled across the "mud" tags on both stackoverflow and gamedev.stackexchange. Both of these resources now serve to collect questions from the both the clueless, the lazy and also those who are a combination of both qualities.

I've done a quick survey of the worthwhile questions posted and their answers, and the results follow.


  1. Generating grammatically correct MUD-style attack descriptions
    The top two answers are very good, one going into detail on the subject and the other pointing to useful libraries that can be employed to solve the problem.
It is not surprising to me that there aren't many worthwhile questions and answers. These sites are good for generic questions, like generalist programming language specific questions, even if they are MUD related. But it is a place unsuitable for questions better targeted at MUD developers, particularly in any of the MUD-specific forums. However, you can't help those who won't help themselves...

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