Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Planet MUD-Dev Update

Added the following links to Planet Mud-Dev.

Chrysalis Games:

Last activity: August 2011.
Summary: It had gone silent for a while, but recent posts indicate that interest is still present. The theme seems to be Wheel of Time. The last posts touch on stats and choice of races.
Last activity: December 2007.
Summary: Has been dead for a while, but posts touch on roleplaying, design and the state of MUD forums among other things.
Last activity: November 2009.
Summary: Has also been dead for a while, but posts touch on dwindling player numbers, and summaries of periodic updates made to the gameplay.
A Personal Tour de Mud:
Last activity: November 2010.
Summary: Dead also, but still twitching compared to the previous two. I hesitated to add this one, as it isn't strictly development related. But I find a lot of value as a MUD developer in reading reviews and comparing to my own ideas and preconceptions of what I would like to do, so I think this contributes from that angle. Reviews also make allusions to code for the MUDs.
Thanks for these links Kavir!

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