Tuesday, 16 August 2011

MUD-Dev discussion: August 8th-14th

Rather than work on one of my many hobby projects, procrastination drives me to summarise MUD discussion during the past week at the various major forums. I think it is quite clear that if you want to productively discuss MUD development, MUDBytes is the place to go.


Struggling with my object sys...

Nich using the Python code-base Evennia wants to program an object system that empowers players to create content, perhaps by data or perhaps by access to the scripting system. Composition, object orientation, multiple inheritance and entity systems are touched on. Tyche chimes in with a promising but mostly incomprehensible post about Genesis and ColdC. One of a "No-SQL" database or GIT is suggested for use, despite not really having any bearing on the subject at hand. Otherwise devolves into Evennia/Python-specific discussion.
Anachronism, my Telnet library, Brand-new
This topic is a few months old now, but still alive.

"Anachronism allows you to consider Telnet as a set of data channels, rather than a stream of text with embedded data. Telopts are treated almost like ports, and when you attach a channel to one, Anachronism handles negotiation automatically and presents subnegotiation data as just another stream of data. This makes it really easy to keep Telnet away from the part of your code that actually does stuff, and it makes it possible to create a channel implementation once and share it with everyone."

Developed using a Ruby parser generator, and examples are given using Ruby so are inscrutable unless you have learned that scripting language. However, the project itself is c-based. Sounds like a nice idea in theory, but no evidence of uptake yet.
Using Css Server-side For MVC
Suggests that MUD text is marked up server-side using CSS definitions. An interesting idea that hasn't been suggested before. There are some silly suggestions, like custom colouring for different areas in a MUD. But also interesting speculation on how it would work with MXP. Also an working proof of concept Ruby-based implementation is provided. Mark-up approaches are then discussed, with forum-like mark-up being suggested as a replacement for HTML. Discussion devolves into someone's implementation of some extremely stripped down implementation, not using CSS or HTML.
Uploaded code from Kavir, was updated by Scandum. Written in C with support for several common code-bases. Intended to be hooked in to process incoming and outgoing text, handling telnet negotiation, unicode, colours, protocols and more. The update does the following: "handle broken packets and resolve a cyclic TTYPE issue with windows telnet."

Top Mud Sites

Community survey: What do MUD players want?
About the only sign of life in these forums, and is probably pointless given that most people doing this never complete their efforts. However, contains useful information like how worthwhile it is to actually use compression. Also touches on other topics like what races to offer.

The Mud Connector

Registration and required e-mail addresses
Discussion about whether it is acceptable to request email addresses from players, and what might be done about them.

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  1. Once again your boredom becomes our reward :).

    I spent a year summarizing interesting discussion in the interactive fiction community at ifurls.tumblr.com (just with links though; your summaries are much more interesting but I didn't have that much time every week to spend on it). I've often thought about doing something similar for muds, but I stopped doing it for IF because I didn't have the drive to keep doing it manually ever week.