Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Bund at night

A friend wanted to see the Bund at night, so we took the metro out. We had to stop off and buy a laptop backpack for someone else at the Pudong Apple store (799 RMB I think). Then we went to the Superbrand mall for a dim sum dinner. Failing to find the recommended restaurant, the friend insisted on walking around for thirty minutes looking at every alternate place to eat. Then he declared himself tired, and that I should choose a place. I chose somewhere that a lot of locals were sitting around waiting for seats at, and with an announced wait of ten minutes, we had a seat in two. Then we went to some place called "I Love Cake" for desert, where we split two portions of cake. At that point, said friend was quite insistent we check out the night view from both sides of the river. I suggested we check out the closer side, and then see how we stand. So we checked out the opposite side from the Bund.

I don't know whether I do not know how to use my camera at night, or it was because the batteries were very low, but my photos did not turn out too great.

2010-07-27 - The Bund - 02 - Night distorted

Here's a clearer picture. The blur on the boats prevents you from obtaining the full glory of the picturesque advertisements on the side of them.

2010-07-27 - The Bund - 03 - Night

At this point, the friend was exhausted on his feet. So much for checking out both sides, and walking at his exhausted pace, we barely made it back before the metro lines we needed to take closed for the night.

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