Monday, 2 August 2010

Cheap DVD stores

There are many cheap DVD stores around here. There is a store which sells 5 RMB DVDs which come in plastic envelopes down the road, although these are the type of DVDs made from footage captured by someone holding a video camera in a movie theatre. Another store further down the road sells 10 RMB DVDs, also in plastic envelopes, which are DVD quality. They have a much larger variety, and specialise in English language DVDs.

A friend was going to another place that also sold cheap blu-ray discs, so I tagged along. Normal DVDs there cost 12 RMB, but were packaged to a considerable extent. The blu-ray discs were around 24 RMB, and there were also season collections of shows on DVD which varied in price depending on how many discs there were. The complete Californication was 72 RMB, given six discs within it.

Anyway, I ended up buying several, one of which was a favourite movie of mine.

2010-08-01 - DVD - 01 - Box

Inside the box, is a plastic case. And inside the plastic case, is an cardboard envelope. And inside the cardboard envelope, is a plastic slip. And finally, inside the plastic slip is the actual disc.

2010-08-01 - DVD - 02 - Box contents

I have to write some letters to the film studios and complain about the quality of their DVDs, often they have Chinese subtitles turned on by default, and they cannot be disabled via the menu.

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