Sunday, 1 August 2010

Po-Li seasoned seaweed

There are a lot of strange foods in the supermarkets here, my approach to making easy choices as to which to try is to eat the ones they have at work. This is one of those foods. They put out the portion sachets of these seaweed leaves. They have a tangy, savoury taste.

Looking for them in the supermarket, I stumbled across the bulk pack. I think this was around 30 RMB.

2010-07-29 - Po-Li Seasoned Seaweed - 01 - Bag

Inside the bulk pack are the portion sachets.

2010-07-29 - Po-Li Seasoned Seaweed - 02 - Portion

And inside a portion sachet is several sheets of seaweed.

2010-07-29 - Po-Li Seasoned Seaweed - 03 - Sheets

All of the sachets shown here were eaten about ten minutes later.

Work also puts out red sachets, but I haven't seen them in the store. For reference, I found them in Carrefour.

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