Monday, 2 August 2010

Chinese power sockets

When I was looking at coming to China, I researched what power sockets they use here and was pleased to learn it was the same kind we use in both Australia and New Zealand. I also have a variety of different plugs on gadgets and appliances, depending on what country I bought them in.

The hotel room I am staying in is littered with these power sockets. They take pretty much anything whether European plugs, British plugs, Australasian plugs and American plugs.

2010-08-01 - Legend Hotel - 02 - Power socket

However, they do not take every New Zealand plug. It turns out they require the three prongs on plugs, which was mostly phased over the last decade or so. Without the lower ground prong, the two upper angled prongs cannot be inserted. So, pretty much every New Zealand gadget or appliance I brought, still requires a power adapter to fit in the socket.

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