Sunday, 1 August 2010

Yuyuan Garden

A well known tourist attraction in Shanghai is Yuyuan Garden. The first time I went there, I had done a lot of walking and travelling on the metro, and was exhausted. The idea of seeing some garden for 30 RMB, where there were packed crowds outside, was no longer appealing. So we decided to call it a day. However, for lack of any idea where else to see in Shanghai, I ended up coming back and checking it out another day.

You can see how packed the crowds are in general in the areas outside the entrance.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 01 - Entrance

There's a plaque outside the garden. I don't know what it says, I didn't read it. But I did insist the tightly packed queue for tickets got out of the way so I could take a picture.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 02 - Marble plaque

It looks so peaceful and quiet.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 03 - First pond

A nice carved plaque beside a pane of glass. The glass sort of takes away from the experience.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 06 - Carved mural

Actually, many of the photos I took look peaceful, but from any other angle there are crowds of people inside. Still, it is a respite from the packed crowds outside the garden.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 08 - Crowds

A nice view down the pond, where it looks like a river. But let's be honest, there's probably no waterflow here.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 09 - River bridge

Things are living in the pond. Fish and apparently turtles.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 10 - Pond life

Inside the buildings, and there are many buildings, are sometimes shops. And inside others are curios which are roped off, like this.. caved wooden thing.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 12 - Carved wood

A picturesque wooden roofed bridge.

2010-07-25 - Yuyuan Garden - 13 - Roofed bridge

The garden appears huge when you are inside it. There is no end of things to see, or places to sit and take a moment in the shade. Shops sell various products, I don't know what as I never went in any.

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