Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Present

The company I work for gives excellent Christmas presents. The first year I worked for them, they bought me a plane ticket home (pretty much from the antipodes of NZ). In subsequent years, the presents have been an Xbox of some sorts (swapped for in-store credit to get a Nintendo DS), a coffee machine (subsequently given to a friend unused when I left the country), a Playstation 3 (given to my brother as an Xmas present) and this year the following geegaw.

2010-12-24 - Employer Christmas Present
Employees were given the chance to upgrade (at personal cost) to other Apple doodads like iPhones or iPads. I opened mine with the intent to use the camera to take photos while out and about in China. Having downloaded a free Chinese/English dictionary app, I can draw characters I see on it and work out what them mean. The office announcement suggested useful scenarios like being able to video chat with other people wherever they may be in the office.. over the office wifi. Indeed, that does sound pretty swank.

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