Friday, 24 December 2010

iPod Touch photos

I've got a few minutes before I head off to play squeeze in the metro door with the rest of the sardines on my way to People's Square, so here's the rest of my iPod Touch pictures. When I got this doodad, I thought "coo, a portable camera thingy so I don't have to lug around my Canon." But really, it is a super-heavy music player, a grainy camera, and a small screen that isn't near big enough to use for any real purpose comfortably. My cheap Sansa Clip music player that I got off weighs a tenth as much, if that. Anyway, here's the pictures.

Work provides lunch to workers in offices in every country. One of the most popular is the Thai restaurant, and the rice goes before I get there (I wait until the queue is gone). Here's a grainy picture of whatever I scraped together from what was left, there was one spoonful of rice left. But there was coriander this day, which was a bonus and is not usually there.

2010-12-20 - Work lunch - Thaihouse

Walking to Burger King to meet a friend, I passed this Christmas tee-pee celebrating native Americans or something.

2010-12-20 - Jingan Temple - 01 - Lit teepee or something 2010-12-20 - Jingan Temple - 02 - Lit teepee or something

And at Burger King, they were late so I ordered something. So many things on the menu, and nothing satisfies.

2010-12-20 - Burger King - Spicy burger meal

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