Friday, 24 December 2010

Power Restaurant

This place is just outside the subway stop where I live. I got a bit tired of the mutton kebabs that were sold on the street there, and decided to wander in. They do not speak English and the menu is written in Chinese characters.

2010-12-19 - Power Restaurant - 01 - Menu Front 2010-12-19 - Power Restaurant - 02 - Menu Back

They give you a number and your receipt, and you go sit at a table to wait for what you ordered.

2010-12-24 - Power Restaurant - 01 - Table number

First my dumplings arrived. I have no idea how to eat these, often they are filled with juice and it squirts all over my chopstick hand. Still, at least that's better than squirting all over my clothes :-)

2010-12-24 - Power Restaurant - 02 - Delicious fried pork something

Then my "delicious fried pork something" arrived. I call it that, because I began drawing the characters on my receipt into my iPod app and that's as far as I got. It wasn't easy, the receipt is as grainy as these iPod pictures.

2010-12-24 - Power Restaurant - 03 - Dumplings

Power is cheap and tasty. I plan on stopping there often, but I'm going to try and spoil my dinner less. Looking at the below receipt, the dumplings were 4 RMB and the pork something was 6 RMB.

2010-12-24 - Power Restaurant - 04 - Receipt

Anyway, I have to stop posting pictures and get to studying my Mandarin vocabulary for the night and then head out to People's Square to meet up.

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