Friday, 24 December 2010

Noodle Bar

Unspectacular hamburgers are par for the course in Shanghai. And nowhere do they make a more unspectacular hamburger than at Carls' Jr. Sure they make worse ones at McDonalds and Burger King, but I want something I appreciate eating more than I appreciate the idea of what it could have been. I often walk out of Carls' Jr and look at the noodle bars nearby and think how I should have gone there. So, this one day I zigged left to the Noodle Bar when I would have otherwise zagged right into Carls' Jr.

2010-12-04 - Noodle Bar - 01 - Restaurant

This is not my hand. But it is the menu on the wall beside the entrance to this restaurant.

2010-12-04 - Noodle Bar - 02 - Outside Menu

The ordered dish. It was okay, but it was just noodles in soupy water. You can get those out of a packet and cook them up in two minutes at home thanks to Maggi. Throw in some gristly meat and Robert is your father's brother.

2010-12-04 - Noodle Bar - 03 - Dish

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