Friday, 24 December 2010

Junk food update

I bought another batch of random items to snack on several weeks back.

2010-12-07 - Junk Food - 01 - Overview

The dried fruits were very cheap, like around 3 RMB a packet. In an ideal world, these would be unflavoured and would taste like the dried fruit they actually are. But in a world of Chinese taste preferences, these taste like.. they're coated in some.. well I don't know how to describe it. Kind of like a mix of floor cleaner and armpit, if I were to just pick a description that went for measuring the lack of appeal the flavour has for me.
2010-12-07 - Junk Food - 02 - Dried fruits

Now dried fish unflavoured is also good. But when you coat it in sugarish flavour, and other stuff, then it's just semi-moist feeling dried fish with sugarish flavour. The packet on the left was relatively untainted by flavouring.. so was less disappointing.
2010-12-07 - Junk Food - 03 - Dried fish

I like snacking on Sunmaid dried raisins. What's not to like with a mouthful of sugar in some form of carbohydrate? These were pretty innocuous, and I ate a mouthful before biffing the packet.
2010-12-07 - Junk Food - 04 - Sultanas

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